I wish

my mom understood that when I say I’m busy from 6 am to 11 pm, she’d realize that I was not exaggerating… I’m at recruitment right now, and we are always going. & when we do get a break for like dinner or something, all I wanna do is relax… not get stressed out more by talking to my mother.

So she’s been calling me during meetings & shit but when I do get a chance to call her back, she’s to busy talking to the rest of my family at home with her to even say hey alex! hold on a sec, your sister is asking me where the chocolate is at…. even though she can find it herself or wait till my mom is off the phone to ask her, if you ask me.


also, raging text messages from my lil brother for stupid shit. not okay.
get over yourself already. there are other people in this world than you. hate to break it to you.